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How we do work?

We brief

We ask, we hear and make notes. Key issue is to understand the need correctly.


We make a research, we choose best way. First stage analyse let us make a best choice for all the projekt and furhter creation.

Outline / design

When we have made analysies and main concept is approve, we can start making sample drawings and scetches. This stage begin the creative work and mobilize the arsenal of skills.

First presentation

Now we let you in our maind, we describe, discuss our concept. Finally, we approve first concept which can be finished.


Your opinion is very important for us. We treat seriously all your remakrs, which are key in your business.


Special treatment of details, and the last finishing works are crucial in the final acceptance.


The final commitment. We feel heappy because you are!

We are open for cooperation and we do like challenges.
Are you planning changes in visual communication
in your company? Let’s talk with us,
together we will discuss the most effective solutions.